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Our First Job, A Film Set!

We were thrilled to recently cater the set of a short film. One of Arthur’s friends is the director, so we bartered a fried chicken buffet for 25 in exchange for helping us put together a Kickstarter video.

It was an unusual venue — a marina at midnight. We didn’t visit the venue beforehand (a mistake we’ll never repeat), so imagine our surprise when we showed up and were told to park in an empty dirt parking lot with only a single street light. There were no tables, so we opened the back of the van and recruited another car to park beside us and had an old fashioned tail gate party.

Drums & Crumbs TailgateDrums & Crumbs Tailgate

This was our first time cooking more than eight servings, so there ample opportunities to learn. Fortunately, Arthur and I ended the evening on speaking terms (just barely), and we have identified areas to improve and practice.

The food got rave reviews.

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  1. […] It was almost 9pm, and we were frantically sweeping the floor and wiping the counters in a windowless commercial kitchen in San Rafael. The last batch of fried chicken, which should have been delivered two hours prior, was still cooking on the stove. Up until that night, Arthur and I were the only people who had tasted our brand new menu, and the most servings we had practiced cooking was eight. […]

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