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Why Food? (Part One)

Arthur and I both had very different careers before we started Drums & Crumbs mobile restaurant

There were many things we liked about finance and law — the intellectual challenge, for example — but we both came to the realization that food is our calling.

So what is so great about food?

For me, food — particularly Southern food — represents family gatherings, celebrations and shared experiences. Food brings people together, and sharing thoughtful, perfectly-executed food provides a memorable bond.

We’ve all had meals that stuck with us long after the plates were cleared.

I vividly recall the first time I tried lamb. I was 18 and staying with a family in New Zealand. I was perplexed by the lack of napkins or glasses of water on the table. Within the first few bites of the home-cooked lamb, my teenage taste buds were brought to life.

Not all food memories have to be so specific. I can’t eat a cheese biscuit without thinking of my mom, just like I instantly think of my dad whenever I see shrimp and grits on a menu. Even something as simple as margarine on saltine crackers can transport me back to my grandmother’s lake house with my cousins.

Our hope is that our Drums & Crumbs Southern-style chicken and seasonal fruit cobbler will take you back through your own mental scrapbook of great meals and also create new memories. Whether you are hosting a picnic for twelve or seeking an afternoon snack for two, let us be a part of the experience.

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