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Progress Update: Baby Steps

Hello, world!

We’ve been keeping the details of the business (and even this blog) to ourselves the past few months, but we are officially going public on January 31st, which may or may not coincide with Rachel’s 30th birthday.

Up until now, planning has been largely conceptual. We took some broad ideas (what it would be like to run a business together, what kind of business would it be, what kind of food would we serve, what would it look like) and slowly have distilled the vision that is Drums & Crumbs.

In the past month, progress has taken a sharp turn towards the realm of concrete details, and we have found a tax adviser, a bank, and a graphic designer. The state of California is taking its sweet time in processing our paperwork to register as an LLC, but we have checked off some of the other entity-related boxes from our to-do list. We are also well on our way to having company health insurance starting in the second quarter!

In addition, Arthur has been doing market research for the business plan, while Rachel is getting to work with the graphic designer and web developer. We will be sharing updates on both of those projects as we have them.

As always, thank you for joining us. The best is yet to come.


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  1. Diane says:

    Really excited about this, Rachel! How can I subscribe to this blog like your other one?

    • Rachel says:

      That is an excellent question. I’m not totally sure how the logistics of this blog are going to work, as it will soon be incorporated into a more sophisticated website. I will certainly let you know!

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