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Progress Update: Taxes, Insurance and Recipes

Things are roaring along up here at the Drums & Crumbs HQ (e.g. the coffee shop near our house).

Both Rachel and Arthur made their respective moves to Sonoma. In the interest of conserving finances and in acknowledgment of how much time we will be spending together during this start up year, we are now roommates. Its been a bit of an *adjustment*, but life is going pretty well up here in beautiful wine country.

In the last month, we have secured all of our required tax registrations and a business license. The business has a group health insurance plan (!!!) and will hopefully have life and liability insurance by the end of the week. Other active projects are shooting a short video for our Kickstarter campaign (more on that later) and having photos taken for our snazzy new website (in progress).

Most excitingly, we have been cooking  a lot and even had our first catering job! We are still working on getting the financing to buy the truck, so, in the meantime, we are a legit catering company. We will continue to practice our recipes in the kitchen and perfect our cooking processes while also networking like crazy to get our name out there and drum up some new business.

If you haven’t already, please like us on Facebook! We post short updates on our Facebook page a few times a week, so it is the best way to keep track of what we are up to.

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