Serving up authentic southern cuisine in the heart of California wine country

What’s Happening Here??

Thank you for joining us at the onset of this business adventure! As a (very brief) way of background information, Drums & Crumbs co-founders Arthur Chang and Rachel Hundley are both veterans of the corporate scene in New York City. Arthur worked in the financial sector, and Rachel worked as an litigation attorney.

Both are also born and bred southerners. Arthur grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and Rachel was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina and also spent a decade in Montgomery, Alabama somewhere along the way.

Rachel moved to Santa Cruz, California in February 2012 in search of something new and with the hope of opening a business. Arthur had a similar notion, and will be moving to the west coast in November 2012.

Based on their shared passion for high-quality food, local ingredients and Southern cuisine, Arthur and Rachel have joined forces to bring you authentic Southern comfort food made with a California sensibility and a hint of New York City style.

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  1. Jared Gilbert says:

    Congrats on your new venture! I look forward to following you blog!

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