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Why Mobile Food?

We could write a dozen posts on why we think mobile food is so great. Actually, we probably will.

It’s no wonder that food trucks exploded shortly after the economy imploded. Money was tight (and still is) but culinary entrepreneurs still had great ideas to share, and customers still wanted to eat delicious, innovative food.

Mobile food allows both sides to pare down the experience to what they really care about. For us, it is selling food that we love and believe in. For you, its getting a high quality product from a passionate and personal source at an affordable price.

We love all great food experiences, whether it is from a street vendor or a restaurant with a Michelin star. Although the price and the ambiance might vary drastically, the purity of ingredients and attention to detail doesn’t have to thanks to mobile food.

Its hard to separate mobile food from the surge in popularity it has seen in recent years, but we know there a place for it in the wide spectrum of culinary offerings because it allows everyone involved to focus on the one thing that matters most: the food.

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