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Why Food? (Part Two)

We’ve already discussed how food creates memories and shared experiences, which we love.

Today, I want to pay my respect to the delightful tactile nature of food.

We think food can be the purest form of love reduced to physical form. Before I left New York City, I worked at a busy bakery in the Upper East Side. Every day, I had the privilege of selling a product that made people happy. Customers would be so excited to pick up a cookie or cake to give a friend or would share a slice of pie or cheesecake with a companion in the store.

In the south, we take it one step further. As a gesture of love, your dinner host will put together a entire spread of delicious, home-cooked food. We call it southern hospitality.

As our customers, Arthur and I genuinely care about you. We promise to provide to you the best fried chicken and fruit cobbler you’ve ever had, made with ingredients from local sources who share our passion for quality and at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

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